Oemeta Coolants and Turner Tools save the day at Anglo Precision

inc_thumbs.aspAnglo Precision is a very well respected sub contract machine shop in Hertfordshire, England.

Anglo specialise in high quality fine limit precision engineering, serving a multitude of industries. They have ship to stock status with many of their clients due to their high level of quality and capabilities.

Works Manager Barry Taylor called in Turner Tools regarding a grooving application they had struggled with for over 15 years whilst trying to machine a stainless steel component, the tooling, work holding and application were considered but due to the physical attributes of the component the only area of  possible improvement would be to use a premium coolant.

Turner Tools consulted Oemeta Lubricants who selected Estramet S33 for this demanding application; a deep spiralled groove cut using a screw cutting cycle in stainless steel.

The components 3mm wide spiral groove had been produced in numerous methods over the years because of the depth of the groove and the helix angle this meant swarf was always a problem and completing a component without stopping the machine to clear swarf or insert wear / breakage was never possible.

Shortly after introducing Estramet S33 and after 15 years of problematic machining the problem disappeared, now the complete process from start to finish is uninterrupted, nothing was altered apart from the coolant.

Mr Taylor commented that he has tried and tested many lubricants over the years and Estramet S33 is easily the best he has used by far, “;;I’m highly delighted with the improvements, I have now rolled the product out across 15 machines and all the operators have seen the improvements it has delivered, we are now also using other Oemeta products to complement the Estramet S33”;;

Sales Manager for Turner Tools Jason Pither added  “we always select Oemeta Coolants because their products have outstanding quality and they  are a highly professional company to deal with. Oemeta will never try and sell you a product for your application without a technical visit to the customer, their technicians look at all the variables including machine, application, coolant pressure and water quality before they entertain recommending any one of their large range of products”.

Contact Turner Tools on 01424 856960 for a trial…

Product information;

Coolant Oemeta Estramet S33 is an ester oil based performance lubricant.

High performance product utilising synthetic ester oil technology.

Suited to a wide range of materials and applications.

Due to a higher lubricant factor Estramet can be conducted at a much lower concentration resulting in a considerable cost reduction and product savings.

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