Sandvik Coromant CoroMill 345 milling range available from Turner Tools

For highly productive milling of steels and stainless steels, Turner Tools is now offering the new CoroMill 345 range of 45 degree face milling cutters from Sandvik Coromant. The new CoroMill 345 has been developed for high feed machining at medium depths of cut with a variety of pitch options to minimise vibration and improve surface finishes.

The CoroMill 345 accommodates double sided inserts with four cutting edges on each side. This significantly reduces inventory requirements and cost per insert for the end user. As well as reducing costs for the end user, the CoroMill 345 can improve productivity by over 25% and tool life by up to 60%. These benefits are credit to a range of insert pocket pitches that include the new HX, L, M and H cutter pitch designations. These differential pitch options have been developed to minimise vibration that consequently enhances tool life, surface finishes and productivity. Furthermore, the new CoroMill 345 has recently been extended with a new M-PL insert geometry for finish machining.

With through coolant that is directed to the cutting edge of each insert, tool life is enhanced and swarf clearance is improved. The exceptional swarf evacuation makes the new CoroMill 345 the cutter of choice for rough to semi finish machining and now finish machining with the M-PL insert designation.

The new CoroMill 345 is available in diameters from 40 to 250mm with an optimised number of insert pockets for each cutter body to suit high feed milling applications. The CoroMill 345 can be used on a diverse range of steels that are in the ISO-P to ISO-S material brackets to give maximum economy and productivity to the end user.

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