SECO MS2050, a great solution for Titanium machining.

To improve productivity when machining titanium alloys, Turner Tools is now offering its solution with the new MS2050 grade of inserts from Seco Tools. The innovative grade utilises a new coating technique and substrate that has been optimised for difficult cutting conditions.

The result is an insert grade that increases process reliability and allows for higher cutting performance when conducting titanium machining applications. The new MS2050 inserts incorporate a PVD coating to strengthen wear resistance and eliminate reaction with the workpiece material. For aerospace manufacturers and other manufacturers involved in the machining titanium alloys, users will find the MS2050 to be an excellent complement to the existing F40M and T350M grades from Seco.

The new grade is available in a variety of positive geometries for square shoulder milling, face milling, copy milling and high feed milling. With a diverse range of cutters and insert geometries available to suit most titanium machining applications, the end user can benefit from improved productivity, reduced tooling costs and enhanced tool life.

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