Turner Tools Pumps A Breath of Fresh Air Into Flotronic

Turner Tools Pumps A Breath of Fresh Air Into Flotronic

When Bolney based Flotronic Pumps Ltd witnessed gradually declining air quality and a pungent odour from its machine shop, the responsible element was immediately pinpointed as the cutting oil. To control the odour issue, the pump manufacturer was undergoing the costly  task of changing cutting fluid on a monthly basis – until Turner Tools suggested a trial with its Novamet 910 soluble cutting oil from Oemeta.

Operating a busy machine shop with over 15 CNC machines that are all machining cast iron, Hastalloy, aluminium and 316 stainless steel; the West Sussex OEM required a high performance all-purpose coolant for machining its ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Luckily for Flotronic, the boron and formaldehyde free Novamet 910 offers exceptional sump life, corrosion resistance, skin compatability and  importantly for Flotronic, no unsavoury odours.

As Flotronic’s Director of Operations, Mr Paul Waclawek comments: “The unpleasant odour in our machine shop was also contaminating the air quality in our offices, as both the offices and machine shop run off the same air conditioning system. For a globally recognised OEM, this was an untenable situation. Furthermore, the regular oil changes were costly and time consuming – taking over 3 hours each month.  Since changing over to the Novamet 910 from Turner Tools, we have noticed a major change. Even frequent visitors to our facility have commented that the longstanding odour has gone and air quality has improved since we changed to the Oemeta oil.”

Discussing the situation further, the Sales Manager at Turner Tools, Mr Jason Pither says: “The odour from the coolant at Flotronic was not only a concern for the health and wellbeing of the staff on the shop-floor and in the offices, it was drawing attention from visitors, so, something had to be done to remedy the situation. With a diverse range of machine tools and materials being processed, Flotronic needed a high performance universal fluid that could run through its centrally controlled coolant system with oil skimmers. The Novamet 910 fits that bill.  Novamet 910 has instantly eliminated the odour, which was the key goal. However, it has also delivered longer service life, which has drastically cut the cost of fluid and its subsequent disposal. We introduced the Novamet 910 in December 2012 and we still haven’t needed to change the oil. In comparison, the previous fluid was being changed from at least one machine each month.”

“This service life has reduced coolant costs by thousands of pounds each year and has also significantly improved surface finishes for Flotronic. The staff at Flotronic now have a better working environment that is odour free. Furthermore, the machine shop has a more stable cutting fluid that eliminates any potential health issues that could have arisen from the previous coolant ,” concludes Mr Pither.

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