Turner Tools believe that you can only get the best results from the products you sell if you understand them.

That is why we employee time served Engineers to service our customers. We have many years of experience in manufacturing methods and programming techniques to be used at your disposal.

Typical sectors that we regularly operate in and have experience of machining.


Airframe, Composite Materials, Heat resistant super alloys and Titaniums

Oils & Gas

Valves , Spool Bodies, Deep hole drilling, Inconel 625/718, Duplex, 4140, F22


Hip joints, Acetabular cup,femoral head, Colbalt chrome, Titaniums , medical grade stainless steels.

Power Generation

Turbine blades, inner & Outer Housings, shafts, martensitic stainless steel ,Duplex, HRSA and Titanium



We have a wealth of proven and documented data to work these materials successfully and product specialist from our supply partners to help with your requirements.