Point of use Inventory Management

  • Expensive Tooling Available for Anyone to Take?
  • No Accountability for Usage?
  • No Proper Allocation of Tooling Costs?
  • Work Stoppage from Missing Mission Critical Tools?
  • Injury to an employee as they indicate proper PPE equipment was not available?
  • How much are you spending each year on lost tools, excess costs due to stock outs and downtime?
  • How much is search time costing your operations?

Sound Familiar? IT’S TIME to take control

secovendTurner Tools have years of experience of supporting business’s individual requirements from the most basic level of POU control to the highest level of total integration and management of Companies Industrial supplies.

We can offer solutions to control inventory physically and also on a virtual basis reducing cost of control without any compromise on tractability on the items.

We can also help integrate certain H&S related strategies for control of PPE and restricted access to products that are required to be stored in a controlled environment. Inventory reporting can confirm that PPE was onsite and available.

When POU Inventory management is used at its most effective, procurement costs can be cut by over 90% leaving your procurement department to explore other cost savings to your company.